Milwaukee’s Vegan Thanksgiving Feast 2013

Beginning sometime in the mid to late 80′s, CUFA pioneered the tradition in Milwaukee by hosting vegetarian Thanksgiving dinners for several years at Northshore Presbyterian Church. Milwaukee Area Resources for Vegetarianism picked up the mantel to host the event in 1995. Up to the present, CUFA members have continued to volunteer and contribute to the event’s growth and success.

After 18 years of showcasing cruelty-free dining, MARV is unable to host this year’s Vegan Thanksgiving Feast. We are pleased to announce that CUFA has resumed primary sponsorship of the Vegan Thanksgiving Feast beginning this year. MARV coordinators and volunteers will be helping with planning and working the event to assure the continuity of its renowned reputation for a quality community event.



Wil-O-Way Underwood (10602 Underwood Pkwy, Wauwatosa, WI 53226)

Sunday, November 24th @ 5:00 PM



Please make your reservation early; seating is limited to the first 180 attendees.

Vegan Thanksgiving Feast 2013

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